Today (24th October) at Farley Mount

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Roger Shephard
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Today (24th October) at Farley Mount

Post by Roger Shephard » Sun Oct 24, 2021 8:07 pm

Hello Medium Group Riders.

I am sorry for today's ineptitude on my part by leaving my rear axle at home and rendering the bike unrideable, and a big thank you to Martin Wheat for stepping in to save the day. I hope you had a good ride and managed to follow my hastily divulged route intentions.

I know I said I would go home and get my axle and then go for a ride in the local woods, but I was bitterly disappointed at not being able to ride with you guys, and I had been looking forward to following the route I had planned. So when I was all axled up, I returned to the scene of the crime and set off at 11.00 am doing the route.

I hope you found your way along the same tracks and trails and I hope you particularly enjoyed your climb up the north face of the Eiger to get to the top of Stockbridge Down. It seemed less daunting in my memory of having pushed, pulled and panted my way up there some years ago with Ashley Denham and Allan Knight, but the unrideable reality soon made itself felt again as I made my way up. It took me about ten minutes with about 7 stops to recover so when I got back home I checked the map, and the contours rise by approx 50m in approx 50m of forward travel so that makes it a 45 degree slope or a rise ratio of 1 in 1. No wonder it hurt in the calves and sitting on the steps of the stile at the top whilst gazing on the panorama seemed to take on an importance all of its own.

Here's to the next ride.


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