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family rides

Post by Tomrun93 » Thu Jan 06, 2022 4:33 pm

as a parent for a young family i find it extremely hard to have an hour to myself and so night rides from 6 or weekend rides, i find extremely hard to find the time and so i usually ride out with my son in a trailer or an short hour ride by myself early Sunday morning,

i would be interested to know if other parents would be in the same situation and would consider a monthly Family ride's out in the new forest, moors valley, where ever

that has track wide enough to accommodate trailers and area's which we can give the kids time for a run around and have some lunch, and or a place where parents can have a cup of coffee and refill on surplices.

i put a event on Facebook for an ride this Saturday from pottern park in Verwood toward moors valley and potentially in to either ringwood via the castleman trail ?
which if the forcast is anything to go by may have to be rescheduled.

but i wanted to know if there was enough interest to set more up in the future?

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Re: Moors valley family rides out on Saturday the 15th

Post by Tomrun93 » Mon Jan 10, 2022 6:10 pm

hi every one
with the better weather predicted for Saturday the 15th of January,

i thought it would be best to try and reschedule the family ride out.

the plan would be to meet at Pottern park in verwood - what 3 words ///backed.bead.cling
with in which i suggest we meet up at 11am for a gentle ride out through in to moors valley and staying on to the fire tracks to allow for child bike trailers with the odd stop planned for lunch and for the kids to stretch their leg on the different obstacles located around the wood. plus with the benefit of moors valley their is facilities close by.

depending on how the kids are can depend on how long we are out for but recon we should aim to get back for 2/3 ish that way we can have a couple of hours riding and the kids have an hour for lunch

PLEASE POST IF YOU ARE COMING and indicate if you are a non-member. i have also created a Facebook page to help advertise, please could i also ask that you add your name and post how many of you will be coming down so we can track on numbers please.

this is the first time i am probably trying to organise a ride out and hope their is enough interest

for the benefit of safety

In summary the latest guidance from Cycling UK on Plan B says use your common sense and take more care. Whilst maximum group sizes are no longer recommended it seems sensible to stick with their original guidance. Usual protocols apply.

If you have tested positive or are exhibiting symptoms of Covid, or feel unwell, you must not attend the ride.

You are advised to wear face masks/coverings in crowded settings and be mindful that coronavirus is still endemic in the population, that the possibility of transmission still exists and that the virus can be contracted regardless of vaccination status. To this end we would ask that you continue to adhere to our amended guidelines to ensure we stay Covid safe:

Note club rides are available for people who self-regulate, ride leaders will not be policing the following but if you consistently breach them you may be asked to leave the ride. They are there for your safety and the safety of others.

• 2m spacing at all times during rides, extending to 4m if riding in front or behind someone.
• Each rider must carry a spare tube in case of a puncture or suitable kit if riding tubeless.
• Each rider must have disposable gloves and a face covering in case of having to attend to falls. Carrying hand sanitiser is also strongly recommended.
• Follow the ride leaders directions in case of a puncture/fall to ensure the minimum number of people are involved.

Thanks and have a great ride

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