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I o Wight Cycling

Post by Martin » Thu Feb 10, 2022 12:17 am

Received in the club's inbox, if anyone's interested.

"My name is Gareth, I am in one part event coordinator at GP Sport an IW based cycling events company. And also an active member of the Sunday Social MTB Group, a free to join 'club' riding here on the Island.

I know your catchment area is across the water but if any of you guys wished to take the ferry for either one of our events or a group ride we'd be happy to see you. If possible I'd appreciate (if permitted) to share the links with your members? There is a whole world of terrain over here and it is worth exploring.

I attach the links to an upcoming tough hills challenge and the facebook links to our clubs.

Alternative 7-Hills Event:

Sunday Social

& here too:

Many thanks

Gareth Shilton
GP Sport & Sunday Social

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