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Roger Shephard
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Post by Roger Shephard » Mon Mar 14, 2022 11:05 am


Covid changed a lot of things for all of us; how we worked and how we played, how we celebrated birthdays, weddings and funerals and how we conducted business meetings.

At the height of the rampant cross infection period, we were first allowed out one at a time for an hour a day, then we could meet up with 5 others, and then after two long years we were allowed to just go about life whilst taking suitable precautions against infection, and finally we were released from all of that as though nothing had ever happened, although perversely we are still at risk of catching an infection that is still endemic in the population.

Your committee has always tried to act with the best interests of the members firmly at the front of any arrangements and we have been using a system of posting notices on the forum about forthcoming rides and asking people to notify via the forum of the intention to attend a ride so that we could ensure compliance with the law and also so that we could provide peace of mind to attendees.

With the government’s removal of all restrictive regulations regarding meeting, mixing and masking, we now see this as the time to revert to how we used to organise rides, and the current notice that you can now find on the forum-based ride alert and sign up procedure is the last one that we will issue under covid procedures.

For all future rides we will revert to the traditional, tried and tested method of putting rides on the Rides List of the website and anybody can turn up at will without prior notification to ride leaders. We hope that by so doing, members will start to join rides again in greater numbers rather than feel an obligation to go through a process that the committee thinks has been acting as a deterrent to some people.

So we look forward to seeing lots of members whom we may not have had the pleasure of riding with over the covid disruption. We know that some people will still want to be cautious in maintaining social distancing and wearing masks in crowded situations, but that is fine, please feel free to take whatever personal measures that you see fit to implement, but please also make sure that you don’t miss out on enjoying a full life.

In conclusion, don’t look for forum postings and tick boxes, just refer to the Rides List page and join in if you feel like it, just the way we used to do.

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